Divination online

Fortune telling with Tarot cards

силует, рамка, чоловік

spell or lapel on the photo

книга, око

removing the premonition by prayer and spell

ссімя, руки, захист

installation of energy protection


wax casting fright

кришталева куля, магі

removal of damage by a magical ritual

оберіг, амулет

charging amulets and charms

I’m so glad the stars brought you here. You will be fine. I am a successful healer of Bohdan, who lives in Ukraine. I will answer all your most difficult questions in life.

So that you do not survive, I am here to help you find your way to a happy future.

As a child, I received the blessed gift of healing from my grandmother, which allowed me to see and feel what others could not. Let me help you just like many other people.

Do not hesitate – contact me so I can conduct online healing for you by phone for your new bright life.

Моя допомога

In my life I have helped many women, men, their families, relatives. Everyone who turned to me was not left without help. The questions that bothered them were:

⦁ Will we be together?
⦁ Why am I so sick?
⦁ When will the man return?
⦁ When will I get married?
⦁ Why is it so hard with money?
⦁ Should I go to work?
⦁ How to get rid of alcohol dependence?

жінка, чоловік, дитина, поле, небо, гори

Happy family

Young people get married, have children and seem to have everything they need for happiness. But then things change for the worse. Misunderstandings become more frequent in the family, quarrels arise, and beatings occur. This often happens in the lives of families. Life’s difficulties and everyday life are gradually destroyed by such ardent love. Such a family needs protection from the encroachments of dependent neighbors, friends, colleagues. I will help establish the protection of your family.

Alcohol dependence

There are happy moments in people’s lives, which they celebrate with friends while drinking various alcoholic beverages. Over the years, this becomes a bad habit and leads to inevitable changes and dependence on alcohol. A man or a woman can equally become a hostage of this terrible disease. Not only they suffer, but also the people around them. I will get rid of alcohol dependence and help find a way out of this problem.

угода, руки, годинник, стіл, ноутбук


Active and enterprising people are constantly exposed to the dangers that exist in business. It is too difficult to predict the changes that will take place tomorrow in the economy, politics or legislation. Knowing whether to make a deal with this person, whether to buy currency, goods, premises, a car, or start construction is becoming relevant today. The answers to these and many other questions will be clearly and unambiguously given by the Tarot cards, which I will lay out for you.

одруження, пара, чоловік, жінка, наречена, наречений, квіти, руки


Young people have been dating for a long time, know each other, fall in love and intend to get married. This is an important step in life. You have no right to make a mistake. Your future, the future of your loved one and possibly your children depends on it. Should I marry this man? Is a happy future with him or her waiting for me? Such questions often arise in young people on the eve of the wedding. Having made a schedule of cards I will give you the answer about your future married life, and also if necessary I will put protection on your future family.

Energy protection of children

People are most energetically vulnerable in early childhood. Even in folk tales described the thirst of older women to absorb the miraculous, healing, life-giving energy of the child. You have probably noticed today how single women of respectable age try to talk, to touch your child. They do it on a subconscious level and not with evil at all, but nevertheless in this way take away vital energy from the child. The child then often gets sick, loses appetite, becomes sad. To prevent this from happening with prayers and a magical ritual, I will provide a reliable protection for your child.

Магія грошей

Низька заробітна плата, відсутність замовлень на товар, що ви продаєте, недостатньо коштів для виплати кредиту чи комунальних послуг. Ці та багато інших причин відсутності грошей в гаманці здаються нормальним явищем у повсякденному житті. Але це не так. Гроші завжди були, є і будуть з людьми. Вони давно вже стали засобом поклоніння для окремих верств населення, які і створили магію грошей. Одні люди завжди живуть в достатку, у них процвітає бізнес, а інші не можуть звести кінці з кінцями, гроші не водяться в їх гаманці, наче їх звіддти вигнали. Не хвилюйтесь я виправлю цю ситуацію, шляхом проведення магічного ритуалу на притягнення грошей.

самотність, дівчина, хлопець

Love and loneliness

My friends have been married for a long time, have their own families, children, and I have no talent to find a loved one. Well, I’m worse than them. This is how young girls and women who are tired of loneliness start their telephone conversation with me. It’s not about you at all. An evil and dependent person could cast a wreath of celibacy with spells. The world has changed and even your best friends have started to miss meeting you. With the help of Tarot cards I will be able to determine the person who did it and whom you should beware of. Through a magical ritual, I will remove the wreath of celibacy and the loneliness banished from you.

дівчина, валіза, вокзал, подорож

Travel and earnings

A road or a journey is always a change that awaits you. New people, new housing, new work: what they will be. When should you go on a tourist trip? Will the trip to work be profitable and happy? Will it bring you profit? It is very important to know the answers to these and similar questions. Getting to a new place you do not know the local customs, laws, rules, traditions, and therefore increases the risk of getting into an unpleasant situation. By unfolding the Tarot cards, I will help you avoid danger and return home happily.

If you need help in these or other difficult life circumstances – do not hesitate, call me immediately for help.

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